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November 17, 2022

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Getting married in Shenandoah National Park may just be the best decision you make while planning you big day! From the stunning views of the mountains to the lush native woods. Shenandoah National Park provides a stunning backdrop for large celebrations and intimate weddings alike. However, to get married in these stunning locations you do have to acquire a Shenandoah National Park Wedding Permit. Here is everything you will need to know to obtaining your wedding permit!

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Before Your Application

Prior to completing your application you will need to contact the permits office. But before you do, there is some information you may want to be aware of while considering a Shenandoah National Park wedding. A special use permit is required for any gathering of over 15 participants, this includes weddings and elopements. Weddings and elopements may be coordinated by the authorized concessions operator, Delaware North at Shenandoah National Park. You can also contact the Delaware North group sales office at 866-383-2922.

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Obtaining Your Shenandoah National Park Wedding Permit

Just like any venue, you will need to plan ahead for your Shenandoah National Park wedding. However, if you are planning to elope with less than 16 participants, then you will not have to regard the permit requirements. Here are a few requirements to obtaining your Shenandoah National Park Wedding Permit:

  • Processing time for all special use permit applications is a 6-week minimum. Applications requesting start dates earlier than 6 weeks will not be considered.
  • Gatherings that require set up of chairs, arches, decoration, music, etc. require a permit. Even if there are less than 16 participants.
  • Any changes made after receipt of your permit application will require a new application submission.

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Planning Your Shenandoah National Park Wedding

While planning your Shenandoah National Park wedding there are so many things to do! Which can get pretty overwhelming. But that is why you have me! As a Charlottesville wedding photographer I get to work in Shenandoah National Park often and have plenty of advice and recommendations for you while planning!

Before your big day, or even before obtaining your special use permit from the park, you should take the time to tour Shenandoah National Park. Getting familiar with your desired wedding location will help you better envision your big day and how you want to set up for your ceremony. In addition, we can tour the park together and capture your engagement photos while you scout out the perfect spot for your ceremony!

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To obtain your special use permit from the park, as well as to learn more about their conditions, visit their site here! And once you are ready to book your Charlottesville wedding photographer, reach out! I am so excited for your big day!

Charlottesville weddin gphotographer captures groom dipping his bride backwards and kissing her passionately for their Shenandoah National Park wedding
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